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TA Marathon Exercises, solutions, class and recitation notes and tests with (some) solutions. Requires signup.
Multinet CS Forum Class and recitation notes and tests (some with solutions).
CS Students Website Exercises, solutions and other stuff.
Arazim Project The Arazim project (IDF's elite project) homepage: class and recitation notes and more.
Kiril Solovey's Page Class and recitation notes (3rd semester and on), exercies with solutions and test notes.
Shlomi Rubistein's Page Contains many exam solutions.
Michael Kiperberg's Page Solutions for exercises in various courses.

Spring 2008

Software 1 (0368-2157) Professor: Dr. Lior Wolf
TA: Lior Shapira
Test notes: Exercises:
Data Structures (0368-2158) Professor: Dr. Shoni Dar
TA: Danny Feldman
Test notes:

Fall 2008

Computer Structure (0368-2159) Professor: Prof. Yehuda Afek, Prof. Nathan Interator
TA: Tamar Novik
Test notes: Exercises:
Algorithms (0368-2160) Professor: Prof. Micha Sharir
TA: Danny Feldman
Test notes: Exercises:
Software Project (0368-2161) Professor: Prof. Roded Sharan
TA: Michal Ozery-Flato
Test notes: Exercises:
Computational Models (0368-2200) Professor: Prof. Nachum Dershowitz
TA: Jonathan Berant
Test notes: Exercises:
Statistics for Computer Science (0365-2301) Professor: Dr. Saharon Rosset
TA: Jonathan Rosenblatt
Test notes: Exercises: Final project:

Spring 2009

Operating Systems (0368-2162) Professor: Prof. Hezi Yeshurun
TA: Alexander Aparchin
Test notes: Exercises:
Logic for Computer Science (0368-2170) Professor: Prof. Arnon Evron
TA: Liron Cohen
Test notes: Exercises:
Computational Complexity (0368-3168) Professor: Prof. Oded Regev, Prof. Shmuel (Muli) Safra
TA: Ishay Haviv
Test notes: Exercises:
Our Environment (0341-3006) Professor: Dr. Diana Laufer, Dr. Shmuel Marko Test notes: Lectures:
Topics in Environmental Quality (0455-8888) Professor: Prof. Avital Gazith and guests Lectures:
Bird Migration (0455-2811) Professor: Dr. Yosef Leshem and guests Lectures:

Summer 2009

Ordinary Differential Equations 1 (0366-2103) Professor: Prof. Vadim Ostapenko
TA: Rozit Lev
Test notes: Exercises:

Fall 2009

Introduction to Cryptography (0368-3049) Professor: Prof. Benny Chor
TA: Rani Hod
Test notes: Lectures: Recitations: Exercises:
Compilation (0368-3133) Professor: Dr. Rina Zviel-Girshin
TA: Ohad Shacham
Test notes: Exercises:
Natural Language Processing Seminar (0368-3389) Professor: Prof. Nachum Dershowitz Project:
Database Systems (0368-3458) Professor: Rubi Boim Test notes: Exercises: Project:
Digital Signal Processing (0368-3464) Professor: Dr. Yaacov Stein Test notes: Lectures:

Spring 2010

Web System and Application Security (0368-3250) Professor: Dr. David Movshovitz Test notes: Lectures: Exercises:
Numerical Analysis 1 (0366-2105) Professor: Prof. David Levin
TA: Michael Madvinsky
Test notes: Lectures: Exercises:
Multiprocessor Programming (0368-3469) Professor: Prof. Nir Shavit
TA: Guy Korland
Test notes: Recitations: Exercises:
Advanced Topics in Programming (0368-3058) Professor: Yossi Halachmi Test notes: Exercises:
Learning and Coding Theory Workshop (0368-3500) Professor: Prof. Muli Safra
TA: Adi Haviv
The project is an implementation of the SFT algorithm for finding the list of significant elements and their Fourier coefficients for a given function �: G → C, where G is a Cartesian product of finite groups (i.e. ZN1 x ... x ZNk) described by a list of Nj's or an Abelian group described by a list of Nj's and the corresponding generators gj's.
Usage of the SFT implementation is available through Java (using a JAR file) or Matlab. Go to the project page for further details, code and downloads.